We will begin our studies with the Book of Genesis.  Our reading of Genesis will start soon and will continue for seven weeks.  The starting date will be announced.


Week 1:  Creation to the Flood (Chapters 1-7)
Week 2:  The Flood to the Blessing of Abram (Chapters 8-14)
Week 3:  The Covenant with Abram to the Covenant with Abimelech (Chapters 15-21)
Week 4:  The Testing of Abraham to Jacob’s Dream (Chapters 22-28)
Week 5:  Jacob Meets Rachel to the Deaths of Rachel and Isaac (Chapters 29-35)
Week 6:  Descendants of Esau to Joseph’s Brethren Visit to Egypt (Chapters 36-42)
Week 7:  The Second Trip to Egypt to the Death of Joseph (Chapters 43-50)


  •  Get a Bible to begin your studies.  If you would like, you may simply choose an online version.  Select the translation of your choice.
  •  Invest in a Bible study journal.  You might purchase a notebook, general journal, or an actual Bible study journal.  If you decide to create a journal, consider adding these placeholder components on each page: Scripture Verses, Notes (which will include items such as translations, questions, and key words), and Old and New Testament Cross References.  (If possible, we recommend investing in the He Speaks Today Bible Study Journal, which may be pre-ordered via the web site.)
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  • Ready the assigned Scripture daily from the comfort of your home, and take notes while reading.
  • Answer the study questions.
  • Join a small group discussion once a week through the private Empowered Today Bible Study Facebook Group, which will open as we get closer to start-up.  (The meeting schedule will be posted within the group.)


  1.  Follow the reading plan.
  2.   Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in truth.
  3.   Practice reading the Word aloud –putting it into the atmosphere.
  4.   Write the Word as you study.
  5.   Examine verses for keywords, and use a Bible dictionary and/or a general dictionary to get the true meaning of the word.  Consider Hebrew and Greek translations.
  6.  Make special note of words or concepts that are repeated.  This is an indication that they are truly emphasized.
  7.   Cross-reference the study verses with Old and New Testament passages that have similar meanings.
  8.    Consider reading verses in different translations for understanding.
  9.   Use a note pad, Post-It Notes, or another means to jot ideas that may come through the Spirit.
  10.   Develop a daily routine for Bible study.


  1. I participate in Bible Study through my church.  How might this study help me?  This study is a supplement to what you are already doing.  It serves as a more individual study of the Bible.
  2. Do I need a special Bible translation?  No.  You may use the translation of your choice.
  3. I have never studied the Bible online with a group.  Is it difficult?  No, it is simple.  You will be walked through the process.
  4. Is there a cost associated with participation?  No.  We are completely free.  You need only have the materials listed above.  We pay the expense for the purchase and maintenance of the web site.
  5.  May I use on online Bible?  Yes.
  6. I have never studied the Bible.  Do I need experience?  No.  We will be there to help.
  7. Can I start late?  What if I am scheduled to go on vacation?  You can join in at anytime.
  8. How do I get started?  Subscribe below.
  9. What day and time do we meet?  You will participate in one group discussion per week.  Choose the day and time that is best for you.  If you happen to miss your chosen discussion, find another for that week.  No problem.
  10.  How long do the small group discussions last?  The meetings last approximately one hour.
  11. Who will be able to see my comments?  Only those members of your private Facebook group will be able to see the discussion.
  12. May I may a donation to support this ministry?  Yes.  Donation information is forthcoming.
  13. What church is this ministry affiliated with?  None.  Members participate from all denominations.
  14. How might I become a group leader?  a) participate in several Book readings from Scripture along with the small group discussions, and be referred by a current group leader, or b)  contact us via email with credentials.
  15. Do group leaders receive pay?  No.  Group leaders are volunteers.  They purchase study materials.