Empowered Today is a Spirit-led body whose purpose is to empower lives through Biblical study; thereby, inspiring and enabling individuals, through the Spirit of God, to become rich in knowledge and in discernment so that one might use wisdom in determining what is good or right and, consequently, become true (transparent) and blameless –without sin (Philippians 1:9-10).



The first and foremost reason for studying the Word is to have a greater and more personal relationship with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We get to truly know the Lord through time spent both with Him and in His Word.


Our success on this earth is solely based on the principles of the Lord.  These principles are specifically stated in His Word, and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ provides the perfect example.


As we read the Word, the Lord provides revelation and understanding.  The Lord may begin to reveal information that may not be specifically stated in the Word.


The following items are recommended for Bible study:

  • Bible

Get a Bible of your choice.  If you cannot purchase one at this time, consider an online Bible.  There are multiple choices at Bible Gateway.

  • Journal

A journal is necessary as we begin our studies.  You may pick up a journal at a retail store or simply use a notebook.

  • Bible Dictionary

A Bible dictionary is an excellent resource!  There will be unfamiliar words, names, places, and other terms throughout Scripture.

  • Basic Dictionary

A basic dictionary is also good when examining the meaning of both common and uncommon words in the context of Scripture.  An online version such as Merriam-Webster is a good reference tool.